Thursday, 16 October 2008

Fence Post and Barbed Wire

Sunset 03
Originally uploaded by Ben Mottram

Here is one of a sequence of 5 photos I selected from 20 odd I took this evening at Falcon Barn.

I had to pay a visit so I took the camera just in case the sun played ball and lo! it did. The pre sunset pics were a bit bland, the after sunset though... well this picture gives you some idea.

There is a lot of black in the pic, however the colours more than make up for it i think.

Today I was mostly using the kit lens as well.... the nifty stayed in the bag; the 7-200mm came out a couple of times as well, though that was for hand held shots of a huge moon, which were too wobbly for words.

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Originally uploaded by Ben Mottram

My first Blog post for ages... I know, I should be out photographing stuff more. Wel lI have had an excuse this year - having severely sprained my ankle in June I haven't actually been able to walk around for long periods of time much. The ankle whilst much much better is not yet right, thanks for asking.

This pic looked a bit "bleh" when in colour, so I took out the red and blue channels, boosted the green a little then converted to grayscale. After tweaking the brightness and contrast a little I am happyish with the result - especially given this was taken on a sunny afternoon!