Saturday, 9 January 2010

Video Gadget 2

Well lets see if it will add these videos now....

Ah it seems that it was just a moment so here is the final video... A group of more or less grown people hand jiving.

Video Gadget

Hey all you followers out there, who may be wondering what I have eeen doing today... well we went to get breila her Xmas stuff - yes I know we are late but she is actually in this country on Wednesday. Anyway, we got a copy of Vogue because of the model on the cover (and the PVC clothes inside apparently) and decided to visit H&D in East Chaldon - not influenced at all by Lizzie being there. It was Lucia's birthday yesterday, so that gave me plenty of chances to play with my Veho Muvi a tiny spy cam which also records my trips to and from work. So here, in colour and glorious sound are a few video clips recorded today whilst in Frozen East Chaldon. Please note that these videos are heavily compressed from the original - 640x480 at 20fps isn't bad for something about the size of a small cigarette lighter.

The Muvi is a tiny camera so spying on people is easy....

Now we have Lucia's birthday cake

A rather 'Wicker Man' moment in the Churchyard

hmmm blogspot seems to be having a moment... I will post the other two clips in a while.