Monday, 14 January 2008


Originally uploaded by Ben Mottram

This is a picture of Harriet, painting on Ringstead beach. I like it for several reasons:


Addressing each one in turn:

Bokeh - this is good in this picture - the 'confusion' is arranged in a halo around the subject and because I had the lens on AF it wasn't going to go all hyperfocal on me either, leaving the foreground in the confused zone.

Composition - The rule of thirds - I actually did think about it when composing the shot, even though there was a strong to gale force wind blowing from the left of shot. Harriet is about 1/3 away from the right edge. Ideally the bottom of the shot should have been higher but that would lose some of the perspective and solitude present.

Subject - Harriet is always very intense about her work. The world outside of the task in hand is irrelevant - she even ignores the weather to a large extent. Harriet also doesn't really like people around her when working and is very camera aware so the long lens helps capture her at her best.

Lens - This day Dan lent me his 75-300mm EF lens. This is the first serious shot I took with it. I am surprised at its performance with respect to the bokeh, and also at my ability to keep a distinctly 'Ben' feel to the photo even though I am peering through the equivalent of a 480mm telescope!

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