Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Order Of Service
Originally uploaded by Ben Mottram

A random staged shot for a blog entry, but this one is about my first (and possibly last) wedding shoot.

Oh my how many pictures did I take? 1779...

That is a large number but divide by 3 because for the majority I was bracketing exposure. This is because I am aware that the camera will guess about white, so sometimes you need +1EV and also sometimes it will burn out whites, so -1EV is called for.

Out of the 1779 pics I got about 247 which were worth giving the Bride - nothing special just all the pics on a CD (they just fit)

Then out of those 247 pics I picked the most "Ben" ones. - examine my Flickr stream to see what I mean here.

I now have to go through the 247 and do a bit of sharpening and auto levels then make another CD with the final results. Stck a nice label on it and job done.

I hope Hannah likes them, I certainly had a great time taking them.

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