Saturday, 26 December 2009

Fingers Of God

Fingers Of God
Originally uploaded by Ben Mottram

This is one of two pictures I want to waffle about from today's little trip to Ringstead. The weather, as mentioned on Flickr was Turneresque - lots of sky features and interesting interactions with the light and sea. The sun is, of course, over exposed, yet that is how it looks in many turner paintings (where there is sun). I suspect I should have set the shutter speed a bit lower to try to blur the water a little - I must get the camera off aperture priority once in a while - and for that matter get the 50mm off the front of the body as well.

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John Stewart said...

I really like these photos Ben.
On the issues you mention, have you considered using Conkin filter?. Danny uses them and so do I. They produce really interesting results which might address the issues you raise.
Also, you might be interested in the work of a professional photographer friend of mine, Adrian Turner, who works out of Brighton - in large-format, old fashioned chemical photography, of sea scapes. Check it out at