Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Clearing Up

Well, as I have been abandoned by the rest of the family this evening I thought I would complicate putting away the washing up. This video is partly there to satisfy Harriet's curiosity about the inside of my house.

All the frames were taken by the EOS30D. I did not have to rush back to the camera each time I moved something out of shot because I have a remote release, and an electronic pulse gizmo which work together to give the 30D time lapse capability. It was capturing 1 frame every 5 seconds or so, which I then doubled by copy and paste then renaming the files. I should have remembered to put the camera in small mode and JPG only of course, but I forgot.

The film is a little out of focus because the camera was perched on top of the fridge and I had to have the lens in MF which whilst not usually a problem is in this case because of where the camera was - if one leaves the lens on AF, the gizmo just makes it focus rather than release the shutter.

The animation was put together using a program called Super
I link to the software via a third party site because the owner makes it virtually impossible to download from his web page - possibly the most frustrating website on the web, excluding pr0n pop-ups/unders etc... Why people try to make things difficult for end users I don't know! That, and the unreliability of the downloads from the authors site discourage me from actually donating to the cause, so a bit of an own goal there.

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