Friday, 21 March 2008

Not really...

The weather for photography. Oh well, I hope easter weekend will give me a chance to get some pics done. I may experiment with the timer box - take the camera to portland bill, set up and leave it to take a few pictures - perhaps blind chance will capture dramatic wave action? Somehow I doubt it, but it is worth a try I guess.

I have taken a few very disapointing shots; the concept was good but the ability lacked. AF on a pin head is kind of tricky and MF without a tripod at f1.8 is nearly impossible at 45cm because the DoF is about 2mm.

Oh well... off to do some house work and then offski for the day to do things with the only daughter in the house at the moment.

Tomorrow we need to be in Dorchester in the afternoon, so a damp trip to Thorncombe woods calls, providing it isn't raining.

More later, if I get any pictures.

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