Friday, 29 February 2008


Well here we are, the second not really picture blog in a couple of days. never mind. I blame this post on Harriet because she reminded me just how paranoid she and her friend Lizzie get about ageing.

The daughter is, I assume, an attractive 17/18 Year old - I can't pass comment because I have never met the girl. H & L keep on about how they don't feel attractive/don't look pretty any more; in particular H tires to persuade Dan and myself to Photoshop pictures of her to remove the signs of age. We refuse, and tell her not to be so silly.

Anyway, to get back to the story, the daughter is no doubt pretty, pert and attractive in the way that young ladies are. I have no doubt she is causing problems for the male youth of her town with mutterings as she walks past - knowing the town I guess they may not mutter so much as shout out loud that they would rather like to get intimately acquainted with her in the way that uncouth youth are inclined to do.

I maintain that the prettiness/attractiveness doesn't go away with age; H & L maintain that neither of them are pretty any more.

As one ages, things change. There is nothing you can do about it so why bother? To my eyes someone who is relaxed about who they are is much more attractive then someone trying to be something they aren't. There is no way H or L will ever be 18 again, however what they are now is a pair of attractive, entertaining, women both of whom give the impression that they know what they are about. Are they less pretty than 10 years ago? I really wouldn't be able to say in Lizzie's case, but I have seen a photo or two of Harriet for times past and she looks just as pretty now as she did then. Different but just as pretty.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so my ramblings on the subject are just that. An attempt, if, dear reader, you like, to pin down the butterflies holding on to my thoughts on the matter.


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