Sunday, 10 February 2008

Harriet Barber

Harriet Barber
Originally uploaded by Ben Mottram

Here is harriet being totally camera aware. Actually the shot I took after this and didn't put on Flickr is the one where she was aware of the camera. The main difference is you can see her almost looking at me even though she is taking a picture of something else in the photo I didn't post.

Regarding the lighing in this picture - todays sun was weird. Low and bright and very flat indeed possibly due to a significant amount of haze in the air left over from the morning fog.

Today I invented a new phrase to describe Harriet - not blonde, 'cos she is obviously a brunette, or air head because she isn't but butterfly head - her thoughts are carried around the inside of her skull by little butterflies flapping around. Sometimes they bash into her conscious mind and sometimes they wander past without interaction only to react at a later time or date - minutes or hours away. Harriet is now a butterfly head - at least in my mind anyway. YMMV.

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