Thursday, 28 February 2008


March 19th 2008 is my wonderful father's 84th birthday. As a man who has everything and apparently likes nothing much any more it is quite hard to find suitable presents.

I thought long and hard, asked some advice and then decided that a hardback book of some of my better photographs would be a good idea.

Whilst self publishing is even more of a solipsism that this blog, I scuttled around a few publishing on demand type shops on the internet, and came across Blurb.

Blurb require the download of a rather idiosyncratic book composition programme which allows one to select predefined layouts - Page colour and contents can be chosen but page elements are laid out by blurb - look and feel can be altered but layout cannot.

I spent hours sorting out the format of the book; finally got a satisfactory layout of the dust jacket, spine, copyright page, introduction and even the contents, all of which are viewable on my Flickr page, and sent off the order.

10 Days later, a parcel dropped in to work with the two books exactly as I required them. Good quality - not glossy paper or very high specification printing but better than I could have done elsewhere.

I am one happy bunny. I am now off to create a Flickr set in my profile so that I know which pictures I have used before when I do the next book.

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